Saturday, July 23, 2011

And....We're Back

At long last another blog post.

Birthday Cake

Our girls are 1 year old now! What a year it has been, it is funny to think of sleepless nights and endless feeding and first smiles, first rolls, first food...those babies who used to just lie there and wave their arms are so busy doing this and that now.

They are standing on their own and take a couple steps everyday, they love to walk around holding our hands and climb on anything they can.

They are learning to sign to us and can now say 'please', 'thank-you', 'more' and 'all done.' Sometimes they interchange please, more and thank-you. J's current favorite is 'Thank-you'

Recently they have become terrified of water. Terrified. They hate baths, pools, kiddie pools...My strategy is to give them more frequent baths until they love them again then attempt a pool again when they are not so scared.

There is a quick 1 year update, look for more posts about camping, flying, diapers and more soon!