Thursday, September 30, 2010


I just ordered 7 Blueberry Bamboo Diapers.

Happy Nappy

Since we have shared laundry in our suite we were not able to wash our own cloth diapers. There are alot of great reasons to use cloth diapers including the large amount of waste that it creates. Happy Nappy is the only diaper service in Calgary. They drop off a bag of clean diapers and pick up a bag of dirty diapers a week later. If you read on their website they have a cost compassion for cloth vs. disposable showing how much money you are saving by using the service however their disposable prices are higher then what we have found.

Disposables can be found for 17 cents a diaper at costco.

17cents x 10 changes x 2 babies x 7 days = $23.80
Happy Nappy Diaper service for 2 = $29.96

Unfortunately newborn size diapers cannot be bought in large packs
NB diapers 30 cents x 10 changes x 2 babies x 7 days = $42.00

Happy Nappy wins for newborn size.

Since the girls were 4 weeks early they were in newborn size for quite a while so we used Happy Nappy for about a month. I was so glad to have them out of disposables, especially since Kaylyn's rash was persistent. Happy Nappy diapers require a cover. I bought 4 Newborn Size Bummis Super Brites and and 2 Small AppleCheeks Covers. Both types of covers worked really well for the girls. The Bummis leaked a bit more than the Applecheeks if they were left on for a long time so we generally used them at night.

Once the girls would fit into size one we stopped using Happy Nappy because of the price difference.

I love cloth and really enjoyed using it.
Happy Nappy is not cheaper than disposables.
Diaper service is a great way to start with cloth.

Cloth Wipes

The nurses used cloth wipes in the hospital but when we got home I started using disposables. Kaylyn quickly developed a diaper rash so we decided to switch to using cloth at home. I made some flannel wipes by cutting up a large piece of flannel into squares. These worked pretty well but as they grew they seemed like they were too small and did not wipe up really well. My Mother-in-Law made us some new wipes out of terry by running them through the serger. Cloth wipes are super easy to use, I get them wet with warm water then throw them in a bucket beside the change table, with each load of laundry I first put the dirty wipes through a prewash and then add the rest of the girl's laundry.


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