Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Second Time Around

Hello blogging world, I am back, at least for now. I have been debating whether or not to start blogging again, I think I have written all I have to say about cloth diapers and now must write about life, which will perhaps appeal to more of you or perhaps bore you.

 Today I will answer one of your pressing questions...people ask me all the time 'Is one easier than two?' (they are talking about how many babies I have at a time incase you didn't catch on as I offered no context or smooth transition) the answer is 'yes' Easier, yes, but I would not trade having twins for anything. So among other reasons I give you:

Why a singleton is awesome
When the baby is fussy there is still a parent not holding a baby
I can feed her anywhere
Only one carseat to carry
Half the diapers, half the laundry, half the feeding, half the almost everything
My singleton in particular was not born as small/early as her sisters and was therefore less sensitive to everything, mike spent a few nights up until 3 holding a baby who would not sleep or settling them both before they would fall back asleep, this does not happen anymore and if it did it would happen half the time.
More sleep
Basically adults outnumbering infants is a good combo

Why twins are awesome 
They are born with a friend
You get to buy coordinating outfits
They learn how to share right away
It is fascinating to watch their different personalities even though they have the 'same' genes
It is just all around awesome to start with two
If they have two of one thing they will give one to their sister (even if she does not want it)

There are other reasons but that will do for now.

Because no post is complete without a picture or two here are all my girls at about 1 month old.