Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Default Clean

When I first stopped working in an office and came home I told people I was a horrible housewife and while more days than not my house is a bit of a disaster I think I have gotten better and I have a couple things that help me out keeping things clean(ish)

1. Default Clean
One day I realized I was default messy, default messy peoples house's are almost always messy but default clean houses are often clean.This is really just another way of saying, 'Clean as you go' but default clean made it click for me. Poor cheerios and put the box away right away, cut veggies and wash the cutting board, put dishes in the dishwasher right away, wash pots as soon as you use them, put away toys as you finish with them...being default clean makes 'cleaning time' way easier.
2. Morning Routine
I probably get this done at least 4 mornings a week but if I get it done every morning my house looks presentable. I love having a system for everything so clearly I will have a system for my daily chores. start laundry,Unload/load dishwasher, clean counters, clean table, throw all the toys from the kitchen and dining room and entry way into the living room, sweep kitchen/dining room/entry way, clean up living room, vacuum living room. Bam.
3. A Little Help From My Friends
Every once in awhile I call in some help, or help just shows up. Mom, a few minutes away has its perks, among them house help.
4. Daily Goals
 I try to set a couple goals for myself everyday, it makes me feel like I accomplished something, thses are often things like 'put away laundry' (which is prob my most avoided chore) 'make meatballs' or clean something extra that has piled up. Every day my goal is that all my girls laugh, not negotiable. Chores are negotiable.
5. Epic Win
Best. App. Ever. Makes goals exciting.
6. Clean Fast
Sometimes I fail at this but when I do spend time cleaning I try to work fast, get it over with, instead of puttereing around and feeling like I clean all day.