Thursday, January 6, 2011

Diaper Review Continued


Diaper: Applecheeks Envelope Covers
What I paid: $18 I think
Fits:  7-20lbs (Size 1)
Peripherals Required: Insert

I originally bought these as diaper covers when I was using Happy Nappy, now I use Bumgenius infant inserts with them. I have had some problems with leakage but since I stripped them they generally work pretty well as long as I don't keep then on too long. When used as pocket diaper the fleece wicks away moisture from the skin. They are super cute and come in bold colours and fit pretty trim.

Diaper: KnickerNapppies 2G
What I paid: Prize (Retail $26 with insert)
Insert: KnickerNappies Loopydo
Fits: 5-15lbs (Small)

I won this diaper from TinyTreeHugger recently. I like that it had a unique design with the side snaps. I find it a little harder to get it to fit just right because of the way the snaps are. It has a super soft microfleece pocket that wicks really well and the insert is very absorbant. I would not buy this diaper because I think it is expensive for a sized diaper, I can get a onesize for the same price. 

Diaper: Blueberry Bamboo One Size
What I paid: $22
Insert: Blueberry inserts included with diaper
Fits: 10-35lbs

I love my blueberry diapers, while not as trim as the sized pocket diapers the one size will fit until they are not in diapers anymore. They come in fun patterns that you do not have to pay extra for. Like alot of one size diapers they come with two inserts; a newborn insert/doubler and an adjustable insert for the medium and large rises. The bamboo pocket does not wick quite as well as microfleece but the inserts are a bit thicker (a bit more absorbent) than the Bumgenius ones and I have not had problems with leaking. They have 3 rises and my 13lb babies are using the middle rise. All my blueberries have snaps and I like their spacing better than the bumgenius ones. These are a close second for my favourite diapers. 

Diaper: Bumgenius 4.0 One Size
What I paid: About $22
Insert: Bumgenius inserts included with diaper
Fits: 7-35+ lbs

These are my favorite diapers and I think they are worth what you pay for them. The soft microfleece pockets wick really well and the inserts work great, I have never had a problem with leaking in these, I usually put the girls in Bumgenius at night. I have one 3.0 and the biggest difference I have noticed is the laundry tabs are infinitely better on the 4.0s. I own one with snaps and a few velcro, I like the velcro because it is so easy and a custom fit every time and with the better laundry tabs I don't think the velcro will wear out any time soon. The snaps may come in handy in the future if a. the girls figure out how to take off velcro diapers or b. the velcro wears out. I have all pastel colours but the brights have recently be re-released so you can get some nice dark colours. There are also artist series Bumgenius but you pay a $3 premium for them (that being said, I recently ordered 2 with the girls Christmas money :) They come with 2 inserts and have 3 rises, my girls are on the middle one.

Diaper: Bumgenius All-in-One
What I paid: Gift (Retail $20)
Fits: 8-16lbs

While the 4.0s are my favorite diapers this is my least favorite of my diapers. Since it is all in one piece it does not have a microfleece pocket the quickly wicks anything away to the absorbent liner, it still soaks stuff up but not so quickly and often leaks.  On the plus side because it is a sized diaper it fits fairly trim.


Diaper: Bummis Super Brite
What I paid: $13
Fits: 4-9lbs (Newborn) 8-16lbs (Small)
I love these covers! Not only are they super cute but they work great and fit amazingly. I got the newborn size when we were using Happy Nappy and now use the small size ones with my prefolds and fitteds. The gussets on the legs make these fit great around the legs and I hardly have a problem with leaking.

That's all folks, I hope this was all beneficial to you!

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