Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pros and Cons

I have had a big grand review of my diapers mulling in my head though and I know you want to hear it. So here is the first installment!


Diaper: Bummis Organic Cotton Prefold Diapers
What I paid: $18 for 6 diapers
Fits:  7-20lbs (Infant Size)
Peripherals Required: Snappis or diapers pins and Covers. 

I have 6 of these and use them with Snappis and Bummis Super Brite covers. They fit pretty trim but require folding (which is simple and takes all of 5 seconds) Thier no frills design (they are a square of fabric with a thicker chunk in the middle) makes them cheap. These are the diapers your Grandma used, I think that is pretty awesome.

I recently began using them and have not had problems yet with leaking


Diaper: Thirsties Fab Fitteds
What I paid: Gift (Retail $14.50)
Fits:  12-18lbs (Small) 
Peripherals Required: Cover

I love how soft these diapers are and they fit my girls great, no troubles with leaking that I can remember. The thing that I don't like about fitteds is that there is no wicking layer so the moisture stays right on their skin and soaks into the entire diaper not just on their bums. My girls have been wearing these since before they were 12 lbs and the fit was just fine. 

Diaper: Happy Heinys Heiny Hugger
What I paid: Gift
Fits:  8-16lbs (Small) 
Peripherals Required: Cover

As with the other fitteds there is not wicking layer and the moisture spreads to the entire diaper.  These are super absorbent though the fit is a bit funny.

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