Monday, February 21, 2011

Baby Food Factory

After buying 24 more jars this weekend that I found for a great deal on kijiji I made a whole bunch of baby food today.

While the peas and green beans were boiling I chopped up broccoli, carrots and potatos. 

After letting the cooked veggies cool I add some of the water that the veggies boiled in to the blender with them and then puree and pour into jars.

Doesn't that look delicious! K woke up in the middle of my production and ate a snack while I finished up.

I mashed the potatos with veggie water instead of blending them. 

Of all the foods that I made today the only new one was potato. On the menu for this evening was mixed cereal with green beans, broccoli and some potato and applesauce and some prunes for dessert. They hated the potato, it made them puke so I don't think they will be eating it again soon.

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