Tuesday, February 15, 2011


My girls are up to three meals a day now. For breakfast they eat about a half cup of cereal and a few table spoons of fruit. For lunch they eat about a half cup of cereal, about a half cup of veggies and a couple tablespoons of fruit, I am beginning to add in some meat alternatives and usually reduce the amount of cereal by a little bit when I do. Supper is the same as lunch.

They seem pretty open to new foods. When I offer a new food I give it to them at least two meals in a row and by the second time they are usually eating it really well. Usually I wait at least a few days inbetween introducing new foods. Other than adding new foods I try to switch things up and give them a good variety every day.

I have been making my own food, it is really easy! I boil the veggies and then blend them up to a puree, I have jars and generally make at least two jars full at a time, I put one in the fridge and one in the freezer.


Veggies (in order of appearance)
-Green Beans
-Sweet Potato

-Avocado (this did not go over well and I did not have a second one to try it again yet)

-Mum-mum Crackers

They love eating! I have to feed them so fast to keep up with them.

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