Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Win

I used to think I didn't win anything but I guess I just hadn't entered any contests for cloth diapers. I won another one! This time from Calgary Cloth Diaper Depot, a new place to get cloth diapers in Calgary. If you become their fan on facebook you can win too! But watch out, I am a fan too so I might just win every time.

The new diaper is a Bambino Bums Onesize Pocket Diaper in red, because who does not want a bright red diaper? Since moving my girls have been in disposables, I think we will start up again on cloth when the reno is done and we are fully moved in. Until then my garbage bin fills up and my box of diapers empties way too fast. One bonus to being is disposables is that they have been sick this past week and lets just say diaper changes have not been pretty.

Here's looking forward to trying out the new diaper and getting back into cloth!

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