Sunday, August 7, 2011


During Mike's vacation in July we went camping with his family in Kananaskis. The girls were able to sleep in the trailer which was lovely as it was pretty cold and windy for a few of the nights and I don't think they would have slept as well outside with us. They loved camping, they love being outside and going for walks in the stroller or thier backpacks. Here are some things I learnt from camping.

  • Foamy Blocks are Nicer Than Gravel - I brought along our foamy block puzzle piece things to set up outside for the girls to play on, they mostly stayed on them and they were much nicer to crawl around on than the gravel. 
  • Pack for Cold Weather - I have not been camping in awhile and have never taken babeis camping so I did not plan well for the cold weather, thankfully my Dad was driving out near to us the second day were out and brought us thier jackets and touques and just in time too because the next day was freezing. Thankfully it warmed up after that and we had lovely hot weather. 
  • Kiddie Backpacks are Awesome - The girls love them because they can look around and they hold the baby a bit off your back so the air can move around and you both don't get so hot. 
  • If Your Babies Don't Like Water Don't Haul and Heat Water for a Kiddie Pool - They screamed then got out. 
  • With Twins Bring a Stroller - We were debating whether to bring the stroller and backpacks and I am so glad we brought both, that way we could go hiking with the backpacks but when one person needed to watch both babies they could take them for a walk in the stroller alone. 

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