Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dropping Naps

Because I know you were all is a napping update. 

My twins have never been great nappers, they sleep great at night and that is more important so I don't really mind. They dropped to one nap earlier than alot of their friends and about a month ago they dropped to no naps.

While the thought of two year olds not napping may sound terrifying it is actually great. Before we dropped the nap they were having troubles falling asleep at night (like 'stay awake for 2 hours in bed' troubles) so one day I gave them some books and told them they didn't have to sleep during nap time. They caught on quick, most days they play in their room and read books, once or twice a week they will end up lying down and sleeping for a bit. Sometimes I have to go in and solve some argument about someone stealing a book or some equally devastating circumstance, but usually they work things out.

I thought the transition might be hard for them but they love it. As my sister would say, 'Sometimes change can make you change, and that is a good thing'

When they dropped their morning nap around 10 or 11 months (I can't quite remember right now) I thought that was so early, it wasn't. When Cosette naps twice my day is full of the dreaded tag-team napping so I quickly have switched her to one nap, she stays awake all morning, eats lunch and promptly goes to sleep for a couple hours.

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