Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Stains & Laundry

The Blueberry Bamboo Diapers have arrived and I love the fun patterns. They fit really well and have not leaked yet. After the first time being worn and washed they looked very stained while the Bumgenius diapers came out looking clean. My washer does not have a rinse cycle so my diapers get washed once quickly in cold water then again for a full wash with Country Save detergent in hot water with an extra rinse. I dry the liners and hang the covers. Since there are not alot of detergents that are safe for cloth diapers I decided to try out the magical bleaching power of the sun. I dried my blueberries inside where the sun was shining and PRESTO! by the time they were dry the stains were faded considerably. Magical. It is still a little annoying that I need to bleach them every wash so I am a big fan of the un-stained Bumgenius!

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