Monday, October 18, 2010


My girls have very similar personalities. They sleep for a similar amount of time, they enjoy similar things, follow the same schedule but there is one thing that they have very differing opinions on; bottles. In the evenings they each get one bottle. J takes them easily, occasionally fussing a little bit, but she generally finishes her 100mil bottle no problem. K on the other hand does not cooperate. She cries and spits the bottle out or spits the milk out or both. We are usually happy when she takes 30mil and who knows how much of that she spit out.

There are a couple things we can do to help her take it:
-Hold her so she feels like she is nursing
-Let her suck on a finger then sneak the bottle in
-Work quickly, go from cuddling bottle in her mouth before she can freak out
-Get her bottle ready before she is too hungry and mad already
-Distract her with something to look at
-Try to reason with her that it is for her own good

A couple times she has managed to not take any bottle in an evening but usually we manage to get some into her.

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