Monday, April 29, 2013

Playing With Their Food

My twins are all about family structure and pretending lately. This especially comes out at meal time and it quite amusing to watch. Here is a sampling of what goes down at meal time at our house;

'This is my mommy raisin, and my daddy raisin and my baby raisin, and my mommy raisins ladybug (also a raisin) and my daddy raisins ladybug'

'My owl (slice of apple) is hungry, he is going to eat my daddy perogie, nom nom nom'

'These are my guys (popcorn) walk, walk, walk, jump into the bowl!' 'My guys are in quiet time'

Food becomes daddys, mommys, babys, guys, owls, porcupines, deer, bunnies, etc etc etc. The best part is when they eat them, 'I am going to eat my mommy now'

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