Thursday, April 11, 2013

Two Things and Jars of Baking

Remember a few years ago when everyone was posting `25 random facts about me`on Facebook? Well here are two random facts about me:

1. I love recycling

2. I love efficiency (but need to use spell check to spell it right every time) 

Recycling really makes me happy, I throw every little piece of paper and plastic in the blue bin. When I lived at home I put a second bin beside the garbage in the kitchen so it would be just as easy to recycle as throw things in the garbage. When I drive around on garbage day and people have their black bins out and no blue bins in makes me sad. RECYCLE PEOPLE! It is really easy, especially if you live in Calgary and have curbside pickup. Here is a cheezy video to show you just how easy it is.

Even more exciting than recycling however is efficiency. Assembly lines. Stack of paper to get through. Speed without sacrificing quality. Baskets to organize. Checklists. I get happier just writing about it all. Honestly working on an assembly line would be up there in my list of jobs I would love to do.

Last week I was feeling particularly ambitious and home-maker-like so I put my love for efficiency to work.

I had recently picked up an assortment of canning jars from the thrift store and I had lids for most of them in my stash of jars for baby food. I chose three recipes, Scones, Raisin Muffins and Brownies and measured out all the dry ingradients into jars, I wrote out what I need to add and how long to bake them on a card and put it on top in the jar and PRESTO! Easy peasy baking, when I need to make something I just dump my jar in and add the wet ingredients and I love it! I decided to make scones the other day to go with soup that was almost ready to eat and it was so quick, the slowest part was waiting for the oven to heat up. Efficiency people, so good.


  1. I would love recycling more if we had a system like you guys have in Calgary. We have to bring it to the bins ourselves here, which means I have bins and stacks of things that need to be recycled in the basement and garage :(
    I love that idea with the jars. Efficient and pretty to look at!

  2. I hear you on the recycling, it would be annoying to have to bring it in, but I would still love it :)

    Yeah, my jars are all in a row above my fridge, looks great and hides the clutter behind them!