Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Reasons my Girls Could be Freaking Out

Incase you are ever babysitting and are at a loss as to the reason for a melt down here is a quick reference guide for you.

Reasons my 2 year olds could be freaking out:

  • You poured the juice into their cup first instead of water
  • They heard a dog
  • You gave them the wrong coloured plate/cup/bowl
  • You gave them the wrong monkey
  • A sock is falling off
  • They found a hair
  • The blanket is the wrong side up
  • A second backyardigans automatically started playing
  • A sister is touching them
  • You cut the apples too small
  • You called their 'coffee cup' a water bottle
  • They bonked something
  • Someone stole a raisin
  • Their sister would not let them steal a raisin 

Hope that helps!

They might be unreasonable at times but usually they are sweet and hilarious and really cute.

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